Mill Valley School District

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FACILITIES FEE SCHEDULE (effective July 1, 2010)
 Facility  Group I Group IIGroup III Group IV
District Educational Use; Staff & Student Groups; School Clubs; Parent Teacher Organizations; Recognized Employee Associations
Non-Profit Youth Organizations; Community Youth Groups; Local Park & Recreation Youth Programs (excludes site Enrichment Programs); Local Youth Recreational Groups.
Non-Profit Adult; Local Park and Recreation Adult Programs; Community Service Groups & Organizations; Groups & Associations with 501c3 non-profit status; Adult Recreational Groups Colleges
Commercial Use; Business and Business Organizations; Business Recreation Leagues; Religious Organizations. 
Classroom No Charge $15 hr / *85 day $20 hr / *$110 day$35 hr / *$193 day
Gym No Charge $40 hr / *$220 day$60 hr / *$330 day$90 hr / *495 day
Multipurpose Room/ Fields/ Blacktop No Charge $30 hr / *$165 day $50 hr / *$275 day $75 hr / *$412 day
Parking lots No Charge $50 hr / *$275 day $80 hr / *$440 day$100 hr / *$550 day
Custodial Fees No Charge **See Note**See Note **See Note 
*If hours are in excess of 5.5 continuous hours for any dates, the day rate would apply.
** Groups II, III, IV may be subject to additional charges for custodial personnel. If the event is on a weekend or non-school day a 4 hour minimum of $49.50 / hour = $198.00 will apply.
Summer Camp Rates are $85 per day for each classroom and $165 per day for use of the multi-purpose room. For each year following 2009/2010, the daily rental rate for classrooms will be increased by $5 and the multi-purpose room will be increased by $10.