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  • Happy Video for Happy Day Tomorrow!

    Posted by Leslie Thornton at 1/15/2015
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  • Walker Creek Pictures

    Posted by Leslie Thornton at 10/10/2014
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  • Zun Zun Assemblies

    Posted by Leslie Thornton at 9/24/2014
    This past Friday we had the pleasure of having two  highly interactive
    assemblies by Zun Zun. Students at every grade level laughed and danced while learning about the importance of conserving water. Take a look at some of the pictures!
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  • Zero the Hero Today!

    Posted by Leslie Thornton at 2/7/2014
    Each year on the 100th day of school, the kindergarten classes have a special visitor..Zero the Hero!
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  • MVMS Chamber Choir Performing With Our 3-5 Chorus Students

    Posted by Leslie Thornton at 2/7/2014
    Today we had the privilege of have this amazing group visit us at Strawberry perform for us and also with our three chorus groups. It was truly amazing. What fun it was to have some of our graduates return and see how they have grown!
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  • Holiday Sing Along

    Posted by Leslie Thornton at 1/10/2014
    Many thanks to Jamie Clark for leading our Strawberry Point Holiday Sing Along on December 20.His daughter Eden is in first grade here at Strawberry.  It was wonderful. For a taste of his music, check out
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  • Rock Steady Juggling

    Posted by Leslie Thornton at 1/10/2014
    Today Doug Nolan came with his annual Rock Steady Juggling for grades 3-5. It is sponsored by Marin Count Water and is free to schools. He changes to show every year, and the kids love it. Ask your child some ways to conserve water and also what three items he juggled at the end!
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  • A Touch of Understanding

    Posted by Leslie Thornton at 12/17/2013
    On Friday, December 6, we were fortunate to have A Touch of Understanding here at Strawberry with our fourth grade classes. Adults with varying disabilities came to speak about their disabilities and answer all of the student's questions. I am amazed by this group every year. Many thanks to our PTA, It Takes a Village and the Rotary Club for providing the funding again this year. This is a note from one of our teachers and some of her students:
    "Just wanted to let you know what a great experience A Touch of Understanding was for my students. The activities really made an impression and provoked a lot of discussion within the classroom. A few things kids were saying about the experience:
    "I liked how they really put us in another person's shoes. It was interesting to see that people with prosthetics could still do a lot of things."-Zizou
    "I'm glad I went because now I know what it's like for people with disabilities and I'm more aware. When I had the headphones  on it was so annoying! Now I know how a student in my room feels. " -Kiki
    "It was interesting to try out the wheelchairs. I thought it would be really easy. I was surprised that it was actually extremely hard." -Sofia I.
    I hope we'll be able to continue this program every year!"
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  • Student Council

    Posted by Leslie Thornton at 11/15/2013
    This year 23 students in the fourth and fifth grades took the risk of running for Student Council Office. This group did an outstanding job with their posters and also with their speeches today. They were all excellent and so poised. I am so proud of each student who ran for office.
    Please join me in congratulating these students who ran for office:
    President: Arman Tavacoli, Danny Jenkins, Georgia Smith, Maxwell Shearer and Serafina Carlucci.
    Vice President: Candace Bookbinder, Dakota Fox, Francesca Malek, Haley Randel, Ronan Grele, Sam Reade, Sammy Smith, and Zizou Zamorano
    Treasurer: Abbie Rossi, Davis Anderson, Geonhan Kang, Ian Somerville, Isabella Malek, Niki Khosravi, Jonah Schwartzman, Jordan Igoe, and Zoe Troubh
    Secretary: Alexander Kamperin, Alyssa Hagele, Jessica Bukowski, Lucy Holden-Wingate and Sammy Nichols. 
    Our officers will be:
    President: Serafina Carlucci
    Vice President: Sam Reade
    Treasurer: Jonah Schwartzman
    Secretary: Alexander Kamperin
    This was taken after their speeches this morning: 
    student council
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  • Playground Choices

    Posted by Leslie Thornton at 10/17/2013
    Playground Choices is bigger than ever this year. Parent volunteers put out games and crafts on Tuesdays and Thursdays during lunch recess. Below are some pictures that show how excited and engaged the students are with all of the activities available. Many thanks to our parents, and to PTA for providing finding for the materials! If this is an area of interest and you are available, it would be great to have a few more parents involved.
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