Strawberry Point

Providing excellent education

To report an absence 

Please call the office by 9:30 am if your child is absent.  Call 389 7660 x 2 and leave a message.

If you do not call, the office will call you to inquire about your child. If your child is enrolled in EDS, they should also be notified. Do not leave a message on the teacher's voicemail or email as they may not receive it in a timely fashion. We ask families to limit trips as much as possible during the school year and not to take children out of school for reasons other than illness or emergencies.

School begins at 8:30 am

The school yard opens at 8:00 am.   From 8:00-8:30 am there will be supervision in the school yard.   At 8:25 am, the first bell rings and children can enter their classrooms.   At 8:30 am, the second bell rings and school begins.

Arriving late

If your child needs to arrive late or leave early, please let the school office and the teacher know. If you arrive after school has started at 8:30 am, you need to sign your child in at the school office and they will need a tardy slip to take to their teacher.

Leaving early

If your child must leave school at times other than regular dismissal, please send a note to the teacher explaining the reason, the time, and who will pick them up. Children must be signed out in the office when leaving before the end of the school day. When you arrive to pick up your child come to the school office, do not go to the classroom.


Students should arrive at school no earlier than 8:00 am.  Students are not to enter the halls before school but should go directly to the playground except on rainy days when they should go to their classrooms.

Other Things to Know

Drop-off Procedures 

We have an excellent parent volunteer system that helps to facilitate the drop-off and pick-up procedures at our school. These parents work hard each day to ensure the safety of our children. Please pay attention to the instructions of the volunteer traffic coordinators. We have a lot of traffic congestion around school, especially during the morning drop-off time. If possible, please walk, bike or scooter to school. Follow all safety rules of the road including wearing helmets and crossing at crosswalks. Walk bikes and scooters on school grounds.

Please do not bring your dog to school. While we understand the joy of walking your dog, many children are afraid of animals.  Most importantly, dogs are not allowed on campus. 

Extended Day Services (EDS)

On-site extended care is offered through (Bright Horizons/Marin Day Schools) from 7:30 am 8:30 am, and after school to 6:30 pm Separate programs are available for K-3 and 4-5 grade students. EDS is also open on school closure days, and winter and spring breaks, from 7:30 am-6:30 pm. Please contact Carol Finnegan-Pisetsky , the EDS Site Director at 383-6204 for information on registration and fees. The EDS main office is 331-7766. The Strawberry Point Marin Day School website  is a great place to get additional information about the Bright Horizons programs and mission.

Supervised Play

Supervised Play is for 1st through 5th Graders who would like to stay and play on the School playground after school, and is provided by Mill Valley Parks and Recreation. Supervised Play is in a designated play zone for participating students only. Mill Valley Parks and Recreation staff supervise only children who are registered in the Supervised Play Program. There is one registration fee for the Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday session and a separate registration fee for Wednesday early dismissal days. For more information, or to register for Supervised Play, please contact: Mill Valley Parks and Recreation at (415) 383-1370 or visit the MVPR Website.

Enrichment Classes

Mill Valley Parks and Recreation organizes a host of interesting, educational and fun after school classes. Options range from art and drama to sports and foreign languages. Classes change seasonally and it is likely you will find something on the schedule that interests your child. For a complete schedule, more information or to register for Enrichment Classes, please contact: Mill Valley Parks and Recreation at (415) 383-1370 or visit the MVPR Website.

Classroom Visits

Parents who wish to visit their children�s classrooms may do so by making arrangements with the school office or directly with the teacher. All visitors are expected to check in with the school office and obtain a visitor�s pass. Tours of the school for incoming Kindergarten parents start in January each year, and can be arranged through the school office in December.


Class Size 

Mill Valley School District participates in the State Class Size Reduction Program, which provides supplemental funding to school districts to reduce class sizes to 20 or less in Grades K-3. We now have smaller classes in Grades 1-3, and in Kindergarten whenever possible, which allows teachers to better individualize instruction in reading and math. 

Closed Campus

Students may not leave the campus from the time they arrive until after school is dismissed. If your child must leave school at times other than regular dismissal, please send a note to the school office explaining the reason, the time and who will pick him or her up. Children must be signed out in the office when leaving before the end of their school day.