Traffic Guidelines and Parking

In order to keep our children safe as they enter and leave school, every classroom at Strawberry Point will take a turn during the year doing Traffic Duty in the parking lot.  Without your help, our parking lot would be a dangerous place for our children.

Please  SIGN UP for your traffic duty shifts (might as well do it now!)
Please read the INSTRUCTIONS for Traffic Duty Volunteers.
Thank you for helping to keep our community safe! 

Rules for Drivers 

  • Obey traffic volunteers.
  • Come early - the lot doesn't back up until after 8:20 am.
  • Stay in your vehicle.
  • Do not drop-off in the red zone – ever.
  • No Cell phone use or texting in the parking lot       
  • Say goodbyes at home, not on the curb, and have all belongings (backpacks, lunches)in the car ready to go (not in the trunk).       
  • Do not open doors on the driver's side. NEVER let children out on driver's side.       
  • If you park in the lot, wait to leave until the back-up is over.        
  • If walking your child in to school, consider parking off-site and walking in.        
  • Do not park and leave your car at any time (during drop-off or pick-up) in the yellow zone. 

Rules for Pedestrians       

  • Obey traffic volunteers.
  • Cross in crosswalks, in the parking lot and on E. Strawberry Drive.

Off-Campus Parking Locations

 If you choose to park off campus, here is the Strawberry Neighborhood Parking Map.