In 2008, Mill Valley residents approved a vital parcel tax measure that provides local funds to support the experienced teachers and quality academic programs in our district.  This parcel tax accounts for approximately 20% of the district’s budget, and is set to expire soon. Measure E, a straight renewal of the existing parcel tax measure, will be on the ballot in November.


    What Does the Parcel Tax Support?

    • Attracting and keeping skilled, qualified teachers 
    • Keeping school libraries open 
    • Maintaining relatively small class sizes 
    • Protecting physical education classes 
    • Ensuring access to qualified and trained counselors 

    Details of Measure E Parcel Tax Renewal

    • Funds will continue to be kept local and used exclusively for Mill Valley elementary and middle schools 
    • Funds will continue to be tracked separately and are subject to strict fiscal controls, including independent annual audits 
    • Measure E is a straight renewal of the existing parcel tax, including the funding structure and cost of living escalator