Old Mill Physical Education

  • Ms. Brundige and Mr. McCafferty  

    Mr. McCafferty and Ms. Brundige 

     Physical activity has been proven to increase learning ability, creativity, and reduce stress. It also offers unique opportunities for character development and social emotional growth.


    The primary focus of physical education in Kindergarten through Fifth grade is to build coordination, develop motor skills, and build confidence and responsibility for lifelong health. Your child will participate in a variety of activities to build skills throughout the year. We will emphasize personal growth, best effort, sportsmanship, and fair play.


    • Your child is expected to and encouraged to participate positively and fully, and behave appropriately and respectfully in the outdoor classroom, just as they would in any classroom.
    • Following directions and handling equipment responsibly is essential to safe, fun fitness.
    • Please be sure your child has comfortable tennis shoes and clothing that allows movement during PE.


    *If your child should not participate due to injury or illness, please send a written note for the beginning of class. Be sure to let us know what your child’s limitations or modifications are and when they will be able to participate fully again.

    If you wish to share more information, please e-mail us and/or request an appointment to speak by phone or to meet. 

     Ms. Brundige's Remote Learning Office hours are Tuesdays 11:30 AM -12:30 PM via email. 


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