Mill Valley Children's Garden

Edna Maguire Children's Garden


    The Mill Valley Children's Garden is a ½-acre edible school garden and outdoor classroom, located on the campus of Edna Maguire Elementary School. Started in 1990, the organic and pesticide-free garden is a hands-on treasure for exploratory experimentation as well as age-appropriate, curriculum-based teaching that encompasses math, science, art, writing, physical education, social studies, and personal and social responsibility. The Garden is instrumental in teaching the K-5 students about where food comes from and the ecosystems on which they depend. Led by a full-time Garden Educator, students use a community-based approach to work the soil, plant the seeds, nurture crops, and prepare the vegetables they harvest. Through this process, students are encouraged to connect their actions to their impacts on ecosystems and their eating choices to nutrition.  The Garden Program and Garden Educator are funded each year by parent donations as part of the annual PTA donation drive.