• Lunch Program


    Your child has two options for lunch: bring lunch from home or sign up for the district lunch program.


    Bringing Lunch from Home


    If your child brings a lunch from home please make sure they can open containers and serve themselves. Park School has a long and dedicated history to trash reduction. We encourage you to pack a no-waste lunch. Handy reusable lunch containers can be purchased individually or in lunch sets from stores like Whole Foods and websites like http://store.kidskonserve.com/.


    District Lunch Program


    The Mill Valley School District has a partnership with Choicelunch to provide our school lunch program.  To learn more and to sign up, visit the lunch information page on the District website.


    Lunch Guidelines


    • All kindergarten through fifth-grade students each lunch from 12:00 – 12:45 pm each day. The lunch tables are located on the lower yard and upper yards and children are organized by grade and classroom. 
    • There are six paid staff members who serve as our regular yard supervision. In addition, we typically have several parent volunteers who help out as well.
    • Families have the option of ordering a Choice Lunch or bringing lunch from home.
    • Some of our students may have severe allergies. Therefore when necessary, we may request that families limit specific items such as nuts, peanuts, etc. in their child's classroom or lunch.  The classroom teacher and/or school nurse will contact families in instances like this and we appreciate everyone pitching in to keep our children safe. We do not however have any food bans at Park. 
    • Children are expected to sit and eat until at least 12:15 pm. After that time, those children who are finished eating will clean up their table and raise their hand to be excused by a yard supervisor.
    • Reusable containers are encouraged for lunches brought from home.
    • The Green Team, a group of Park students, helps children to sort their lunch trash into receptacles for recyclables and compost to minimize our waste.