•   Ms. Herrera’s 3rd Grade


    Welcome to third grade.  We have an exciting year planned.  It is important that we work together this year to create a positive, safe, and fun experience for our 3rd graders.  My goal is to provide guidance, inspiration, and encouragement for my students as they continue on their journey as learners. There is a lot to learn in third grade and the children have been well prepared by their previous teachers.  In addition to the academic curriculum the main theme will be RESPONSIBILITY and INDEPENDENCE. These basic skills are important life skills, so please allow and expect them to do everything they are capable of doing for themselves. The transition may be more work than doing it for them, but it will be worth it in the long run.




    E-mail correspondence is for teachers and parents only.  If you wish to speak to me over the phone, the best time to reach me is after school between 2:55 and 3:30.


    Impromptu conferences at 8:30 are difficult. If you have concerns or news that you would like to share with me please arrange a time to speak with me after school or over the phone.

    E-mail:  jherrera@mvschools.org

    phone # 389-7735 (ext. 2305)


    ***Time sensitive messages that your child needs before leaving school should be called in to the office, not my voicemail or e-mail.