• Fifth Graders Leave Their Mark at SPS

    Posted by Kiea Wright on 2/8/2019 8:00:00 AM

    For this year's fifth grade garden legacy project, the fifth grade students participated in a fruit tree planting.  

    During the 5th grade garden class, students learned about deciduous trees, perennials, and what it means to plant a fruit tree that will not produce fruit until after you have left SPS!  Then, the students prepared the site, dug a hole twice the size of the container, and successfully planted their trees.  



    Prepping the site


    Apple Tree Delivery  


    Everyone patiently awaits their turn






     proud students


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  • Salad Days...A Delicious Success!

    Posted by Kiea Wright on 5/12/2015

    Every spring, our student body has the opportunity to experience farm-to-table dining during two of their lunches.

    bed prep  

    Kindergarten students are at the heart of this experience.  They start by prepping the garden bed and then sowing a variety of lettuce seeds in March.  While the lettuce plants are growing, students inspect for and remove snails and slugs and observe the plants’ growth. 

    snail patrol  

    Early May is harvest time!  The kindergarteners harvest the biggest heads of lettuce, carefully wash the lettuce, spin it dry, and then inspect and chop the lettuce so it’s ready to be served.

    lettuce harvest  
    salad sorting  

    Fifth graders, some who said they have waited years for this opportunity, serve the prepared salad to all of the interested students during lunch.  There were many comments that “this is the best salad I’ve had in my whole life!”  Even 5th graders who stated that they had never even tried salad, but that they “loved this salad!”


    Parents may have been shocked to see the reaction of many students, waiting eagerly for their salad as the 5th grade servers made their rounds, while other students begged for seconds!

    happy customer  
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  • Spring Haikus

    Posted by Kiea Wright on 3/30/2015
    When cameras aren't necessary...2nd grade students write beautiful haikus in the garden and wetlands to capture a moment in spring.

    One little tree branch

    Sitting in the sun today

    Flowers are on it. 



    Red worms are helpful

    Eating all the rotten stuff

    To help make compost



    Sparkling blue sea

    lots of boats rumbling by

    hard rocks by the sea



    One lone sour grass

    Open to any children

    Alone in the shade.


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  • Our Growing School Orchard

    Posted by Kiea Wright on 3/2/2015
    Thanks to Sunnyside Nursery and our PTA, we added six new trees to our orchard.  Fifth graders, with the help of parent volunteers, planted either a pear or apple tree in their Garden class.  They worked hard digging their hole in the compacted soil, carrying compost up the steep slope, and carefully mounding the soil around the tree, so that the crown of the tree was not buried.  
    tree planting  

    After observations and a group discussion, students learned that our leaf-less trees were not “dead” but rather dormant, deciduous fruit trees.


    Big thanks to Steve Scholl, PTA Environmental Chair, for all of his help with our tree planting!!


    Our espellier trees inspired a lively conversation…especially because they are each grafted with multiple varieties of fruit, such as our apple espellier tree with Fuji, Gala, and Honeycrisp.


    Come visit our orchard and watch the leaves and buds forming, as our sunlight hours increase daily!

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  • Observations Lead to Questions...

    Posted by Kiea Wright on 1/26/2015

    As students carefully observe and explore, they discover, they ask questions, and they learn about their surroundings.

    sunflower fall  

    First graders saving seeds from a sunflower plant.  Seed saving inspires questions about the diversity of seeds, when to plant seeds in the garden, and the role of different plant parts.

    saving seeds  

    How can we use ALL of our senses to explore our surroundings?  Fourth graders peacefully observe in the tidal wetlands on our school grounds.

    wetlands observations 4th  

    Where can we find the most worms living in our garden?  What type of habitat do they prefer in the wild?

    Kindergartners search for the answers!  
    Digging for worms  

    What would it be like to be a bird building a nest?  This question led to an amazing discovery later in the garden where 2nd grade students had the unique opportunity to watch a pair of Bewick’s Wrens begin the process of building a nest in the garden!

    nest building  

    Third graders working as stewards of our school-adding native plants to connect with their Miwok studies in their classroom.  Students learn about the special uses of their plants, adaptations, and how to properly plant and tend to their native plants.

    native planting  
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  • So Many Smiles...at the Kinder Work Party!

    Posted by Kiea Wright on 10/2/2014


    Thank you Kindergarten families for an amazing turnout at our first Garden Work Party of the school year.  We had 50 participants this year-WOW!! 

    flower planting  

    Our school garden felt like being in the middle of a busy, well-organized, and productive bee hive!!  Families helped with pruning, turning compost, weeding, planting, painting, and the list goes on.


    We had one family bring their relatives from Queensland, Australia.  They were so excited and inspired by our efforts, that they want to start their own school garden in Australia!


    Every child and adult were so eager to help care for our garden, the energy was quite contagious.  We feel fortunate to have this “magical” learning laboratory to explore, learn, and care for at Strawberry Point School.  Thank you so much to the PTA for their continued support of the Environmental Education Program!

    mother weeding  
     And the winner for the class with the highest participation...Mrs.Flores class!!  Congratulations!
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  • Harvesting Continuously

    Posted by Kiea Wright on 9/30/2014

    September is a busy month in the School Garden.  School begins and students begin trickling into the Garden, group by group, on their assigned “Garden” Day.


    We begin the year by searching for clues in the garden that teach us about hazards, orientation, and Garden Agreements that remind us to be safe and respectful.  We were thankful to start the year with an abundance of fruit grown in the garden: apples, grapes, tomatoes, peas, sunflower seeds, raspberries, zucchini, and more!!


    Fourth graders, Jasper Nadel and Gabriel Schwartzman, share their experience of what Garden means to them…


    "This is amazing and so juicy!" We exclaimed when we tasted the delightfully delectable grapes for the first time in our nature filled garden with buzzing bees, green healthy kale, and don't forget the juicy tomatoes!  All this fresh grown food really makes us appreciate nature.  We are so thankful to have this joyful garden and Kiea as a wonderful garden teacher.  These are all the reasons why garden is so special to us." 

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  • Earth Day Every Day!

    Posted by Kiea Wright on 5/6/2014
    On Earth Day this year, students welcomed the opportunity to be stewards of our school grounds.  In the span of three hours, over three hundred of our Strawberry Point students visited the wetlands to remove invasive weeds.  They learned that by removing the weeds, they were allowing native wetland plants to thrive without competition.  They also thought it was really, really fun!  These are some comments from third graders…
     5th grade girls


    “It was fun pulling weeds and chopping fennel near the wetlands.  It took a lot of team work to make it happen but it was also a lot of fun.”


    Kiea and Andrew  

    “Thank you for helping us celebrate Earth Day.”



    “Thank you for the BEST Earth Day ever.”


    “Thanks for letting us HELP the animals. We loved to help the wetlands.”


    “Some of us seem small but every weed we pull out we help the environment.”


    “Thank you for letting us help our school. Earth Day might be the funnest holiday ever.  Thank you for an awesome time.”

    full bins

    Not only do we have incredibly helpful, dedicated students and teachers, but we also have amazing parents who volunteer to make these events possible at SPS.  THANK YOU so much to all of our parent volunteers!

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  • Green Juice!!

    Posted by Kiea Wright on 4/8/2014
    hughes juice

    You would probably never believe me if I told you what was in this cup…that was making these students smile so big!

    Thanks to Julie Thomas and her juicer, my first and second grade Garden classes enjoyed a juice made from carrots, celery, kale, lettuce, chard, spinach, mint,broccoli, and apples!  It was delicious!!

    veggie juice  

    What is the trick to getting these kids to try this green juice?  Involving the students in the whole process…from garden to cup!  First,we harvested many of the ingredients from our school garden, then the students participated in adding the ingredients, mix in a bit of healthy peer pressure and excitement, discussing the benefits of micronutrients, and voila…almost all of the students wanted to try it!

    green juice
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  • A Typical Day for a Fourth Grader at SPS!

    Posted by Kiea Wright on 4/1/2014
    Bay studies

    These fourth graders use the bay and wetlands, adjacent to our school, as their living laboratory.  They are studying which animals live in these waters, soil and nearby shores as well as their unique adaptations.

    Curiosity and awe are often sentiments expressed during an exploration.


    This student is quite perplexed to find a creature that is a complete mystery to him!

    outdoor classroom  

    It is a sweet day when the earth can be used as our classroom chairs and our laps as our desks.

    journal time  
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