•  Core Curriculum Overview

    Mr. Thompson  2nd Grade

    ·      Reading 

                -Readers Workshop model.  Wide variety of reading                             experiences (independent, partner, small group, whole                             class).  Focus on comprehension as whole class and                             decoding with specific groups of students.  Students

                  practice reading strategies with self-selected books.

    ·      Writing

                  - Empowering Writers curriculum.  Parts of a story                             (beginning, main event, detail and description) as a                             base.  Through story writing we will cover editing,                             conventions, etc.

    ·      Word Study and Spelling

                -Word Their Way curriculum.  Developmentally driven,                      hands on instruction.  Students examine, manipulate,                             and categorize words in small groups and independently.

                  Also, we will have 5 weekly high frequency words.

    ·      Science

                  -Hands on, experiential based units.  Includes studies in                      Geology, Sound, Simple Machines, Soil, Life Cycles, and                      Insects.

    ·      Social Studies

                  - Applied units of studies in Geography (Maps),                                    Immigration and Family Heritage, Extraordinary People,

                  and Basic Economics.

    ·      Personal Project Time (PPT)

               -Every Friday last period.  Students pick their own                     project to work on throughout the year.