• Character Education & Discipline 

    Providing an atmosphere of respect on campus so that every student can reach their potential academically, socially and emotionally is the responsibility of all of us: staff, students, and families. At school, you will see the following:


    Integrating Character Education into the Classroom: At all Mill Valley schools, we focus on specific character traits throughout the year:

    *Building a Sense of Community and Belonging at School: September, October

    *Respect and Tolerance for Others: November, December

    *Trustworthiness, Honesty, and Integrity: January, February

    *Taking Responsibility: March, April

    *Kindness, Compassion, and Caring: May, June

    Community  Service is an overarching theme throughout the year


    Monday Morning Greeting:  We use the speaker system to say the pledge together, share announcements and an inspiring message from Project Wisdom to set the tone for the week.


    Recognizing and Supporting Students Who Model the Traits:  Strawberry Point Appreciations are given throughout the school by staff members who see a student demonstrating one of the traits.

    Teachers read a variety of books about Bucket Filling to their classes, and then teach students to recognize those who have filled their bucket by doing or saying something to kind to another.

    Chimes are used as a simple and calm signal for attentive listening throughout the school.


    Supporting Students to Make Good Choices:


    Blue “Making Better Choices” slips are used at every grade level throughout the school. These are given to students to make sure we have good communication between home and school when issues are small. If one of these blue slips comes home, please help your student write a reflection in the space provided and return the slip to the teacher the next day. Should a student get a fourth blue slip in one trimester they will receive an SIR.


    Student Incident Reports (SIR) are on pink paper. These are given for more serious incidents, such as hitting, swearing, etc.  It is the student’s responsibility to have these signed by their teacher and parent and return them to the school the next day, or all recesses are spent in the office. An appropriate consequence will be listed. SIRs are given by the Principal and kept in the office for the current school year.  Should a third SIR be received a meeting will be scheduled with the student, parents, and principal to create a plan to help the student make better choices.  Suspension is considered for serious infractions, as defined by State Education Code.


    As a staff we focus on remaining positive, using logical consequences, and giving students opportunities for a fresh starts. Mistakes are an opportunity to learn.  We thank you for your support of our school and welcome your feedback as we work together as a school community to support the needs of every student.