• Blank States Practice Sheets Now Posted Online!

    Posted by Daniel Gasparini on 12/7/2012
    Hello Room 10 Families!
    Attached to this posting is a blank United States map.  The same map we have used and will continue to use to assess student understanding of state names, abbreviations and capitals.  Please feel free to download these forms and use them as practice tests at home.
    All the best,
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  • Request to Retest: A New Room 10 Procedure

    Posted by Daniel Gasparini on 10/17/2012 8:00:00 AM


    We've all been there before, it's test day and we feel sick, or we have had a"no-good" morning, or we ‘ve missed breakfast, or maybe Mercury was in retrograde.  

    This year Room 10 will be implementing a new procedure that will allow students the opportunity to retake a test (Request to Retest) if he or she has scored below a 75%.  This means that students may retake a test/or similar formal assessment in an attempt to earn a better score.  If a student retakes his or her test and does better, then the test grade will replace the former grade.  Tests may only be retaken once.

     In order to retake a test students have to submit a Request to Retest form.  On the Request to Retest form students must reflect on their grade and explain why they received the grade they earned.  Students will also need to list out three activities they did to improve their understanding of the concept (i.e. work with Mr. Gasparini or a parent, flash cards, re-teaching worksheets, etc).  Finally, students will need to schedule a time to retake the test (tests can only be retaken the hour after school ends or during lunch).  This is a fantastic opportunity for our students to learn how to take responsibility for their learning and demonstrate their personal best. 

     It is important that the Request to Retest procedure be completely student driven. Requesting to Retest is an opportunity that provides two different learning goals. 1) To retest the concepts and master the skills presented in the test 2) it is an opportunity for students to practice advocating and taking responsibility for his or her learning.

     It is because of the second learning goal that I am requesting forms be submitted by students.  It is important that students are the ones to take responsibility towards advancing their own learning and grades.




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