• It Takes A Village (ITAV) promotes the academic success of all students in Mill Valley schools who learn differently through parent education and advocacy. 

    ITAV is a district-wide Parent Teacher Association lead by parent representatives from every school, teachers, administrators and special support representatives.  

    The organization was founded with the goal of providing:

    • Parent education  
    • Community building through peer parent support 
    • Professional development for teachers and staff
    • Opportunities for children with special needs to connect 
    • Support for social and educational initiatives


    ITAV Can Help Navigate The Way….

    When a special need arises, what is a parent to do?  Who can they turn to?  Most likely, a Mill Valley parent or a local expert has weathered a similar situation before and is willing to share their stories and brainstorm solutions.


    What We Do….

    ITAV offers a range of FREE programs and activities for parents and children. For dates, times, or more information, visit this website on a regular basis.


    Programs For Parents:

    • Speaker Series:  Every school year, ITAV hosts community experts to speak about a variety of topics.
    • Friday First Connect:  Held the first Friday of each month (currently via Zoom), offers an informal community where talking about the challenges of parenting and academics is welcome!
    • Dedication to Special Education:  Can’t make it to one of our coffees?  Then post questions or comments and connect with other parents via this dedicated online group.  To join please visit:  https://specialed.org/for-parents/get-connected


    Programs For Children:

    • A Touch Of Understanding Program For 4th Graders:  This year ITAV will contribute to all 4th graders’ participation in a disability awareness program through A Touch of Understanding (ATOU).  The ATOU program is designed to educate students about the challenges associated with disabilities and foster acceptance and respect. In the “hands-on” portion of the program, students will use wheelchairs and mobility canes, write in Braille, handle braces and artificial limbs, and participate in a mirror-writing activity to understand the frustration of a learning disability.  In the classroom portion, they will meet with ATOU volunteers with disabilities who share their insight and experiences with humor and honesty.  For more information about ATOU, please visit: http://www.touchofunderstanding.org/
    • The Zones of Regulation: A self-regulation framework and curriculum dedicated to helping students of all ages simplify how they think about and manage their feelings in order to consciously regulate their actions. https://www.zonesofregulation.com/index.html
    • Project Awareness and Special Sports (PAASS): PAASS creates inclusive, supportive environments for individuals with developmental delays and learning challenges to participate in community-based sports and recreational programs. http://projectawarenessandspecialsports.org/


    For Families:

    • Mill Valley Public Library Collection:  The library hosts a collection of parenting and special needs books recommended by members of ITAV, with topics ranging from general parenting to learning differences.  


    For The Community:

    • No Bully:  ITAV initiated the No Bully conversation by providing parents, teachers and administrators educational seminars and by being involved in developing the District’s policy.  ITAV continues to provide ongoing funding and support for teacher training. 
    • Special Initiatives:  ITAV is an evolving, dynamic organization that prides itself on forward thinking, leadership and activism.  Every year an issue arises that demands our attention and support.