• Mill Valley School District Technology Strategic Plan

    July 2014

    MVSD has established a district technology fund to implement our five year technology plan and leverage our purchasing power for all schools. Donations to the PTA for technology will be contributed to this fund for the benefit of all district students.  In support of the Mill Valley School District Technology Plan, all PTA’s are required to pay the Mill Valley School District $100 per student per year for technology purchases, upgrades and maintenance.

    The new district wide technology plan enables schools to leverage their funds by combining equipment orders into volume purchases, which allows for better pricing discounts and allows PTA money to go much further. It also provides planning for purchases and regular replacement cycles, allowing for more efficient management and maintenance of equipment, which has become more critical as the number of devices grows in our schools. Teachers and students can expect a minimum standard of technology and consistent rollout planning allows for predictable access. The District will support all planning, purchasing, and management in order to maximize our purchasing power and coordinate our efforts.

    This new District Tech Plan allows the PTA to provide our parents with a fixed, predictable, annual technology amount. All schools will be contributing an equal amount per student, which ensures that ALL students across the District have the same, equitable access to technology.


    • Coordinate and manage technology purchases
    • Assure that there is equity of access throughout the district
    • Plan for regular replacement cycles
    • Allow for more efficient support and equipment maintenance
    • Plan for effective professional development (PD)
    • Determine needed infrastructure upgrades


    • Leverages volume purchasing discounts
    • Consistent and predictable access allow for more teacher collaboration and innovation
    • Spreads cost of equipment over 5 years, making fund-raising more predictable
    • PTAs and Schools contribute an equal amount per student, averaging costs among sites to ensure all students have equitable access
    • Expanded technology throughout the District allows better access to engaging tools that can enhance teaching and learning
    • Planning, purchasing and management is supported by the District, and distribution/implementation is coordinated with the site
    • Parents and students will know what to expect at each school and grade level, and all students at the Middle School will have had a similar technology experience


    • Instructional Technology was the highest strategic priority for the District according to parent and staff surveys
    • New Instructional Technology Coach will help assess needs and deliver timely training and PD
    • Planned 1:1 tablet program in grades 5-8 allows students more opportunity to take charge of their own learning and to explore authentic, real-word projects
    • Instruction in Digital Citizenship and Information Fluency will be included
    • The plan was developed with input from teachers, librarians, administration, tech staff, and parents
    • 5 year plan is flexible – annual review will determine if goals are being met and if new technologies should be considered
    • The MVSD funds teacher hardware, software/instructional materials, infrastructure, support, and professional development.
    • Program provides opportunities for student collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking – important 21st century skills
    • Textbooks are rapidly moving to a more powerful and engaging digital format