•  Frequently Asked Questions
    Who teaches my child's library class?
    Lisa Monge teaches all the 1st through 5th grade classrooms.  Lisa Monge holds both a multiple subjects teaching credential and a library credential.  She works Monday through Thursday and Friday afternoons. 
    Tina Taylor is our library aide.  She reads to our kindergarten classes.  All three of Tina's children are Edna Maguire graduates.  She was a faithful library volunteer and we are very lucky to have her.
    What does my child do in the library?
    Our library program has three big goals.  Our focus is on reading, research and digital citizenship.  We want children to love reading and become lifelong readers.  Lisa Monge follows the classroom curriculum closely and teaches research skills in support of classroom projects.  We want children to become critical users of information.  Lisa Monge also teaches several lessons on Digital Citizenship to every grade level. 
    Every class has a 45 minute library session each week.  About 30 minutes are devoted to a lesson and 15 minutes to selecting books.
    How many books can my child check out?
    Kindergarten classes start by checking out one book each week.  After routines are established, children are allowed to select two books.  Children in first through fifth grade may have a total of five books out.  If you have a very avid reader who needs more books we will allow them to exceed this number. We will also exceed five, if children need extra books for a school project.
    What happens if we loose a book?
    If a book is lost or damaged, we do ask families to pay to replace the title for the library.  Checks are made payable to the Mill Valley School District.  We do make mistakes so it is always good to check with us before paying for a book. 
    What are the library hours?
    The library is open at 8:20am Monday through Friday.
    The library is open during lunch recess on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
    Children and families are welcome to stop by after school.  The library is open until 3:15pm.  
Last Modified on October 4, 2019