• Room 13 Star of the Week! 


    Each week one student will be highlighted as our Star of the Week. The purpose of the program is to highlight the special qualities of each child so that we can get to know each other better. We will encourage positive peer recognition and build strong class morale.


    The Star of the Week schedule is on my website.  Your child will also be reminded the week before s/he will be the Star Student, so that s/he will have time to prepare and gather the things s/he would like to share with the class. We will send home a star that your child will decorate. The star will be returned at the end of the school year, as we will be making a class collection.  Many children enjoy hanging the star in their bedroom as a positive reminder of their exciting week in 2nd grade as the “star.”


    On your child’s assigned date (Monday morning), please bring the following:


    1)     The star:

    -The star should include important information about your child such as:

    -photographs or drawings of family members, pets or anything else s/he finds important

    -a picture or him/herself

    -drawings or magazine cutouts of things s/he likes

    -cut-out words that describe him/her.

    S/he may use glitter, stickers paint, fabric or any other decoration.


    2)  A favorite picture book that the student or the teacher will read to the class.


    Optional: I encourage  a parent to come in during the week to do some sort of activity with the children. You may read a story aloud, make a craft, talk about a special talent you have, play an instrument, talk about your job or anything else you can think of.  Please contact me in advance if you would like to do this.  The best times for a visit are Monday, Tuesday or Thursdays 2:30-2:50. 

    Have fun! This is a special time for us to highlight your child!