• Room One News!
  • Our new year has begun!  Room One students are having fun learning about each other with our "Special Student of the Week!"  Each student will get an opportunity to be our special student of week! 

    We begin the year with a study of growing patters and snowflakes.   We will also learn about Matter - solids, liquids and gases.  Our science explorations will include observing frozen ice orbs, making "oobleck," and watching what happens when vinegar and baking soda collide!   The children will learn about the Arctic and Antarctica - with a focus on polar bears and penguins.







          Weekly Schedule         
      Monday -  Music  10:30-11:00
      Tuesday - P.E. 10:30-11:30
      Wednesday - Dance 10:30-11:00
                           Garden 12:25-1:50
      Thursday - Art 9:55-10:40
       Friday - Library 8:50-9:30