• You don’t know a word?

    What should you do?

    Try these strategies

    To give you a clue! 


    Always THINK…
    1. What Makes Sense? - Think about the story and what word would make sense?
    2. What Sounds Right? – Think about the sentence, what word would “sound right?"
    3. What Looks Right? – When you guess a word, ask yourself, "Does the word I guessed, look like the word I’m reading?"


    Look at the picture for clues

    Chunk the word to sound it out.

    Look for words inside of the word - as chunks.

               Pay attention to the letter sounds at the beginning of the word.                                                              In the  middle of the word. In the end of the word
                           Skip the word and read on, THEN reread the sentence to figure out "what makes sense?"