•  August and September
    Students are having fun learning about dynamics and tempo.  We are singing Get On Board Little Children to learn about medium, soft, and loud.  The Native American song called Echa Mo Da teaches students to listen for medium, slow, and fast changes in music.  2 other songs that we've been learning are called Old King Glory of the Mountain and The Freeze Dance!  You can enjoy listening to these songs on this website under Kindergarten Songs. 
    Lastly please continue to look at K performance dates because they will be posted as soon as I have scheduled with classrooms teachers.  Typically there are 2 performances each year; 1 in December or January and the other in the spring.
    October and November
    Such a fun time of year with Halloween!  We learned 3 fun and spooky tunes.  Witch's Brew was great for slow stirring our made up potion;  using whisper, singing, and loud voices; to counting our 6 whisper tip-toes before our surprising BOO!  Students enjoyed using paper ghost puppets to work on their voices going up and down in pitch with the song I Can't Wait Till It's Halloween.  Finally, we learned a K favorite called Town Hall Halloween Ball.  We dressed in our pretend costumes and went to the Halloween party where we drank apple cider, ate popcorn and played games of bobbing for apples and having a pumpkin pie eating contest.  During the chorus, we danced a country circle dance and learned how to "elbow swing your partner".  Please enjoy singing along with these favorites using this website under K songs.