• IT'S SUMMER 2020 and our local musuems are not yet open BUT 


    The contemplation of original works of ART can delight and inspire. I hope you will expand your child's ART education by planning for some fun family visits to the fabulous ART museums in our area once we are over this current bump in the road. 
    Below is a list of just a dozen of the wonderful, family-friendly, nearby art museums. Many of these area museums have FREE admission for children and schedule FREE family days throughout the year. (If you have a library card from the Mill Valley Public Library you can reserve and print  FREE passes to many of these institutions. ( Learn more about library-pass possibilities by clicking here. )
    You can access the museum websites by clicking on the museum names below. I hope the blast of color and images and information on these sites will inspire you to plan a museum visit for yourself and all the young student-artists in your care.
    If, after your eventual art museum visit, you 'exit through the gift shop' and purchase a few postcard reproductions of some of the favorite works you saw, I wonder if you might consider loaning one or two to the art room.  I would like to be able to create a display of "Art Works seen in Art Museums by Mill Valley Students".  Perhaps seeing a postcard-sized reproduction of what YOU saw might be all that is necessary to encourage other students to plan their own museum visits.