•  October and November
    Students have learned a Native American Song called the Navajo Happy Song.  In this song students play rhythm sticks on the strong beat.  They rotate partners as they move down the row. 
    In the Chinese Boat Song ( which will be coming soong) students will be using wooden spoons to accompany themselves.  Ask your child to teach you this special rhythm.  You can use regular tablespoons to practice with your child.
    We had great fun learning an American Folk Dance and song called Tideo.  Students learned various hand clapping rhythm patterns and then added it to the dance.
    Finally, students will be playing a game in German similar to Eenie Menie Minie Mo called Ana Dena.  As some students play the game others will be playing xylophones and hand drums. 
    **Please continue to check the website for updates about performances, songs, and curriculum. 
    November and December
    After learning Ducha Moya (a Russian song about a farmer and a horse rider) most students are having their first experience with singing in a round!  It is great fun to see their faces light up when they are successful singing in a round.  It is a musical expereince that gives the shivers.  How beautiful it is to make music in this manner.  Words can't describe this feeling.  We are also singing the Chinese Boat Song in a 2-art round as well as adding a spoon accompaniment of "swish click tip".  Have your child teach you the spoon part.  Not as easy as it looks!  Have fun!