October, November, and December

    Students have been learning to read simple rhythm patterns as they play various percusion instruments.  Each week they learn a new pattern consisting of eighth and quarter notes.  They read the rhyhtm then play the rhythm on percusion instruments while listening to various styles of music.  They have been able to successfully add three 4 beat measures together!!!!  BRAVO!!!


    We have learned a fun song and hand game called John Kanakanaka.  They play a hand clapping game with a parnter.  It is so much fun to watch them beam as they are singing and playing the game.  Later we will add the ukuleles!


    By the way, I am introducing Ukuleles to all 3rd graders.  We have learned how:


    1.  Hold in rest position

    2.  Hold in ready position

    3.  Strum a steady beat on chords aminor and C.

    4.  Sing and play Abrahm Brown

    5.  Sing and play Thanks A Lot 


    Our next step is to learn a 3rd chord F and play John Kanakanaka.  The ukuleles remain at school and we use them during music class.  We look forward to sharing our skills with you at our performance in the spring.  More to come later on date and time.  


    I am proud to announce that the music staff was able to get a Kiddo Mini-Grant to purchase 1 class set of ukuleles for 2 schools so that now we currently have 1 set of 30 ukuleles at each of the 5 school sites.