• August, September, and October
    Students will be focusing this year on learning to read traditional notation using simple rhythms and the treble cleff.  To help with reading rhythms, students are listening to various styles of music; first moving to the music to get quarter, eighth, and half notes rhythms in their bodies.  Then using the same recorded music, we read rhythm flash cards and play small percussion instruments such as shakers and claves.
    To help them get familiar with the music alphabet we brainstorm music alphabet words.  They can only use the letters in the MUSIC ALPHABET - A B C D E F G.  See how many words you can create with your child!  (You can use letters more than once such as DAD).
    If you can have your child teach you about their "HAND STAFF" you can help them learn their lines and spaces of the treble cleff.  Quiz them for just a couple minutes and you can learn as well!!

    October and November 

    Students are very excited about getting their recorders and folders!  We will take our time learning to place fingers correctly on the recorder with the LEFT HAND AT THE TOP!  If the holes are covered correctly students should see little circle impressions on their finger pads ( not the tips).  Controling the air flow into the recorder is very important for the best quality of sound.  I DO NOT let them BLOW into the instrument but BREATH into the mouthpiece.  Again we will spend time to ensure the best timbre of sound.  Pleae encourage your child to play for you each week.  It really makes them feel the importance of regular practice as well as support.  I promise you that not so long from now their sound will be good and pleasing!