• 1.  Always practice reading lines out loud - never just silently.
    2.  Practice on your feet - you will perform standing, so you should practice standing!  
    3.  Work on bigger pieces (a paragraph or more of lines) apart from the rest of the scene first.  Then add them into your rehearsal of the whole scene.
    4.  Tape record yourself (or some other capable reader) reading the lines.  Then practice by listening along with the audio instead of just reading the script.  (Note:  This works better for auditory learners who are not so strong at visual learning.  If you remember things well by seeing them, don't abandon reading from the script!)
    5.  Once you know your lines, practice saying them along with the blocking (movements) you have been taught to do by Kitty and Derek.
    6.  Make sure you know your cues - pay attention to the last word(s) of the person speaking before you each time.  Whenever possible, have someone else read the other character(s)'s lines.
    7.  Always always ask me, Kitty, or Derek (or the internet) if you are not sure how to pronounce a word!!  
    8.  For longer monologues, see me, Kitty, or Derek for additional tips on remembering long passages of text!