• January 11 Newsletter

    January 11 Newsletter

    Room 9 News! January 11, 2017

    Dear Families,

    Happy New Year! I hope you enjoyed your holiday break and were able to spend good times with family and friends. My husband and I were so happy to spend time with our daughter and were able to take a road trip to San Luis Obispo and San Diego to see family.

    I want to thank you very much for my class holiday gift. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. Thank you also for the individual treats, gift cards and books. You are awesome!

    The kids and I are all transitioning into the new routine of every day being a “Ms. G day.” They have been really great about helping me learn the Monday and Tuesday routines set up by Ms. Carter. We changed jobs and got new desks for the new year. I am noticing some very sleepy children. We are all getting used to being here at 8:15 after that long break!

    We have been writing our New Year’s Resolutions (very cute) and reading and writing about Dr. Martin Luther King. Look for examples in the hallway, soon.

    This Friday we will resume math centers. They may look a little different than before, as I am trying out some new activities from a workshop I attended. We’ll see……

    Next week your child will have an additional responsibility upon arrival. Along with putting their folder in the tub, they will be choosing an “overnight book” from a basket, taking the “checkout card” from the inside cover and placing it in a pocket with their name on it on the large chart outside our door. This is a book they need to read (with you in many cases) that evening. They can record the title on their reading log or choose another. I have had wonderful feedback from parents regarding this program for many years. It is like getting a new library book every day! It’s fun for kids and parents to snuggle up and enjoy new books. The only catch is that your child needs to remember to bring the book back every day. ☺

    Speaking of remembering…….I am noticing that many children are not rememberin

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