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    This is first because the PTA is run by volunteer parents and we need a strong and deep bench of active parents in order to tackle the wide variety of jobs and responsibilities that it takes to run the various programs and events that augment your kids Strawberry experience.


    Drop-off and pick-up at Strawberry Point School (SPS) is often very congested, and as a result, can be very dangerous for all pedestrians entering and exiting the school. As of 2016, school buses also use the parking lot! The bus loads/unloads passengers on the right hand side as you enter the parking lot.


    Use extreme caution when dropping off or picking up students from school. Drive slowly and watch for children/pedestrians on and off the crosswalks, be considerate to other drivers, observe all road laws and be respectful to our traffic volunteers AT ALL TIMES. Please adhere to the guidelines and procedures below when entering and exiting the school parking lot. In order to guarantee the safety of our children and all pedestrians, EVERY DRIVER, even occasional drivers such as babysitters and friends, needs to be aware of our traffic guidelines.

    To drop off or pick up students, you have these options:

    1.     Park in the parking lot in marked stalls (apart from those designated for staff);
    2.     “Kiss & Go” - drop off or pick up your child at the curb, without parking;
    3.     Park off site and walk into school



    As you proceed into the parking area, please follow all instructions given by the traffic volunteers, and observe the safe and legal rules of the road at all times. Please use extreme caution!

    ALL passengers being dropped off or picked up must use designated walkways and crosswalks.

    The maximum speed in the parking lot is 5 mph

    When using the school parking lot, NEVER:

    •     Park, stop or UNLOAD in the RED ZONES or block the FIRE LANE
    •     Park in CROSSWALKS
    •     Park in marked FACULTY/STAFF parking stalls during school hours (8:00am – 3:30pm)
    •     Leave your vehicle unattended in the YELLOW CURB ZONE during drop off and pick up times (8:00am – 9:00am / 1:15pm – 3:30pm)
    •     Double park and/or block entry or exit lanes
    •     Use cell phones while driving in the parking lot. Texting can wait!


    •     Before you leave home, make sure that children have their bags with them in the car, not in the       trunk
    •     Drive your vehicle single file to the “Kiss & Go” lane (YELLOW CURB ZONE)
    •     Move down the Yellow Curb Zone as far as possible - follow the egret to “Pull Forward to Here”
    •     Stop directly behind the car in front of you. PLEASE DO NOT GET OUT OF YOUR CAR TO ASSIST YOUR CHILD - this is a safety issue, as you will be exiting your vehicle into moving traffic. Traffic volunteers will be on the curb to assist your children to exit your car in the mornings.
    •     Have your child open the door ON THE PASSENGER SIDE ONLY to exit/enter the vehicle from the curb. 
    •     Once your passengers have safely exited/entered your vehicle, carefully pull away from the curb into the drive lane and exit the parking lot, giving right of way to pedestrians and vehicles pulling out in front of you.



    It is often much easier to park off site, and walk to school. However, please respect our neighbors by not blocking their driveways or access. A map of alternate parking locations for SPS can be found at http://goo.gl/Kgv12p. If crossing East Strawberry Drive, follow all directions by the crossing guard. ALWAYS use the crosswalk when crossing East Strawberry Drive.


    For Students Walking/Biking/Rolling to School – The Greener Alternative!

    •     GET OFF your bike/scooter and WALK when using the CROSSWALKS and entering school grounds
    •     Be respectful and follow the traffic volunteers’ directions at all times
    •     Do not ride your bike, scooter or skateboard on school grounds during school hours (8:00am – 3:30pm)
    •     Lock your bike/scooter/skateboard to the bike racks located in front of the Multi Purpose Room



    For more information on this program, go to www.mvschools.org.


    •     It is the responsibility of EVERY CLASS to provide traffic volunteers for a designated period of approximately two weeks each year
    •     Four volunteers are required each morning and two are required every afternoon
    •     ALL FAMILIES are expected to sign up for at least FOUR ‘Traffic Volunteer Duty’ time slots over a 3 week period per child, when it is your class’ turn. Without volunteers, the program does not work, and the safety of everyone, especially our children, is compromised.
    •     Sign up online for your traffic shifts. The schedule for traffic duty for the 2020-2021 school year will be shared with you by Room Parents
    •     Volunteer Guidelines are available on the SPS website (http://www.mvschools.org/Page/1219)




    2021-22 Make First Day Packet  DONATE HERE

    As we start school this week, in the midst of a world pandemic, please remember the mission of the PTA - to positively impact the lives of children and families.  We will continue to support a wide-range of school and district programs, SPS community building events, and advocacy for our children, parents & SPS staff.
      • Make A Difference Donation (MAD) - Donate now or later.
    • We recognize times are tough for many families right now.  If you can afford to give, we are grateful.  Our fundraising campaign will start in the spring. But if you can support us now, we appreciate it!

    This year we’re raising $70,000 to fund programs, activities and supplies not covered by Mill Valley School District (MVSD) or Kiddo!. We encourage every family to donate at whatever level they can and volunteer time as schedules permit.

    Get involved and join the PTA! Membership enables you to cast your vote on funding allocations, programs, spending priorities, and PTA initiatives. Have a voice in your child’s education experience! SPS PTA general meetings are usually held on the third Friday of the month and are open to all (please check the PTA bulletin board by the school office for posted dates).

    We are very thankful for the excellent standard of education our children receive, and know that it would not be possible to maintain this level were it not for the dedication of the Strawberry Point School families. So again we extend our thanks to you, the SPS community, and look forward to an outstanding school year!