• Mill Valley Middle School

    Physical Education: Grade 7th & 8th


    Mr. Alex Aquino

    Room #85

    Phone: 415.389.7711 x 2786

    Email: raquino@mvschools.org


    Course Description


    Our mission as teachers in physical education is to provide our students with the skills and knowledge to maintain a life-long healthy and physically fit lifestyle. Students will be taught different ways to exercise through strength training, cardiovascular endurance training, team and individual sports. We will provide instruction on forming fitness goals, nutrition, and interpersonal skills that all students need to be successful members in our community.


    Course Objectives


    Students will develop understanding and demonstrate competencies in physical activities for the following categories: team building, cardiovascular fitness, health & nutrition, individual and team sports. Students will acquire knowledge and skills appropriate for social development within their community, school, and peer relationships through participation in team oriented activities and personal journal reflections. Students will learn how to design fitness goals and record and reflect on their progress throughout the school year.  The teacher will assess students based on knowledge and demonstration of various skills used in individual fitness activities and team sports.


    Class Units:


    Flag Football




    Fitness Testing




    Required Supplies


    • M.V.M.S. P.E. shirt (Grey) & P.E. shorts (Navy)  *must be labeled in permanent marker with first and last names.

    • Athletic, Supportive Shoes with laces


    Grading Policy:


    Students earn the following Daily Points:


    1.) Two points for Participation(includes all class activities).


    2.) One point for Teamwork


    3.) One point for being prepared(including PE uniform).

    Grading Scale:

    A    (95 - 100)             A-  (90 - 94)

    B+  (87 - 89)               B   (84 - 86)                B- (80 - 83)

    C+  (77 - 79)              C   (74 - 76)               C-  (70 - 73)

    D+  (67 - 69)              D   (64 - 66)               D-  (60 - 63)

    F    (0 - 59)




    Example:      Alex earns 595 points out of 650 total possible



                        650 =   0.915


                        Alex receives an 92%, or an A-

    Class Expectations, Policies, & Procedures

    • Students will be responsible for their actions and personal belongings

    • Students will be safe while participating in P.E. activities and exercises

    • Students who forget their P.E. uniform will borrow a loaner from the teacher

    • Students will be respectful to all students, teachers, and campus staff.

    • Students are to put forth their best effort daily on behavior, activities and assignments.

    • Students will not enter any classroom, gym or field unsupervised by a teacher

    • Students are expected to quietly and timely change in the locker room

    • Students will refrain from any and all unacceptable behavior in class (including but not limited to: fighting, foul language, chewing gum, and bullying)

    • No food or drinks (water acceptable) in P.E. facilities

    • No cell phone use permitted in class

    • Students are to bring home and clean P.E. uniforms each weekend

    • If a student is unable to participate in P.E. activities a parent may excuse the student for up to three days with a written note addressed to the teacher on the first day excused. For a period longer than three days, parents must provide a doctor’s note that specifies the amount of time a student must be excused.