• What is a just-right book?

    • Just-Right!

      *It’s exciting and fun to read.

      *You understand it.

      *Your reading is smooth, not robot-like.

      *Use the 5 finger rule to check the level.

      (No more than 5 unknown words on a page.)

      *You make connections and can talk about the book.


      How do you know when a book is too hard?

      *You have to read word by word and sound out each word.

      *You don’t understand it.

      *The print may be very small.

      *You hold up three fingers (for words you don’t know) at the end of reading one page.

      *It’s frustrating, not fun.



      How do you know when a book is too easy?

      *Not many words on a page.

      *May not be interesting or fun to talk about.

      *The print is really big.

      *You’ve read it too many times!