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    How Does Physical Activity Affect Academic Performance?

    Exercise directly impacts the behavior and development of the brain. “It is likely that the effects of physical activity on cognition would be particularly important in the highly plastic developing brains of youth,” according to a 2010 essay penned by Charles Basch of Columbia University.

    • Increased oxygen flow to the brain
    • Increased brain neurotransmitters
    • “[Increased] brain-derived neurotrophins that support neuronal differentiation and survival in the developing brain.” Neurotrophins assure the survival of neurons in areas responsible for learning, memory, and higher thinking.

    He summarized how exercise may affect executive functioning:

    Physical activity has benefits beyond improved grades, too. Basch extrapolates current research and connects physical activity to absenteeism, drop-out rates, and social connectedness.

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    Dynamic Physical Education Curriculum

    Our 36 week, standards based, district adopted PE curriculum "Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary School Children" by Robert P. Pangrazi, Arizona State University.

    More Dynamic Physical Education Info: http://www.aw-bc.com/pangrazi/