• It Takes a Village

    2019-20 Parent Education Series

    Teens, Tweens, Technology & Mental Health
    Common Sense Media 
    Oct. 10th, 7 pm - 8:30 pm, Mill Valley Middle School  
    High: Everything You Want to Know About Drugs, Alcohol, and Addiction
    David and Nic Sheff moderated by Michael Krasny
    Oct. 16th, 7pm - 8:30pm, Dominican University, 20 Olive Ave.
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    Like: A Documentary About the Impact of Social Media on Our Lives 
    IndieFlix Original Film 
    Nov. 6th, 7pm - 8:30 pm, Edna Maguire School
    How To Anxiety-Proof & Success-Focus Your Teen
    Jeff Leiken
    Nov. 19th, 7 pm - 8:30 pm, Mill Valley Middle School Library
    Today’s hyper-competitive social, academic, economic and political environment directly and indirectly wreaks havoc on the well-being of many of today’s youth and parents. The pervasive phenomena of Modern Adolescent Anxiety is deeply troubling. Ironically commonly accepted practices and messages, like “Just do your best!” are often doing more harm than good. This thought-provoking program will discuss what is behind this, what you can do to avoid contributing to it, and best of all, what to be doing instead that will help launch your teen on a trajectory of success in spite of it.
    * Please note that the 1/15 Raising Resilient Girls: Girls Leadership event has been canceled.
    Mindful Parenting of Teens: More Connection/Less Conflict with your Tween/Teen
    Wynn Burkett
    January 29th, 7 pm - 8:30 pm, Mill Valley Middle School Library (updated location*)
    Wynn Burkett, executive coach and author of the book, The Power of Mindful Parenting, will provide information on teen development to explain why they act the way they do and teach simple mindfulness skills and practical tools to help parents stay calm and stay connected during the tricky adolescent years. 
    Anxiety, Stress, Sleep: How They Work Together to Affect our Kids & Their Happiness
    Dr. Tracey Foose 
    Feb. 5th, 7pm - 8:30 pm, Mill Valley Middle School
    Why do traits like intelligence and drive seem to increase vulnerability to anxiety? How might our modern, connected world be exacerbating our anxiety? How can we teach our children not to fear their fear, but harness anxiety as a motivating and protective force?