• Fitness Testing
    California Education Code Section 60800 requires the annual administration of the Physical Fitness Test to all students in grades five, seven, and nine. 
    FITNESSGRAM is the designated Physical Fitness Test, which has as its primary goal for students to establish lifetime habits of regular physical activity.
    What is the FITNESSGRAM? 

    FitnessGram® is the most widely used youth physical fitness assessment, education and reporting tool in the world. Based on Healthy Fitness Zone® standards, created by the FitnessGram Scientific Advisory Board, FitnessGram uses criterion-based standards, carefully established for each age and gender.

    People come in all shapes and sizes, but everyone can benefit from regular physical activity and healthy levels of physical fitness. FitnessGram evaluates the five components of health-related fitness: Aerobic Capacity, Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, Flexibility, and Body Composition.

    FitnessGram uses scientifically determined standards that are based on how fit children should be for good health. Most children can achieve the health-related fitness standards if they perform sufficient amounts of physical activity on a regular basis. The standards are set specifically for boys and girls and take into account changes with age.

    The FitnessGram assessment is based not on athletic ability, but levels of fitness needed for good overall health. No matter what your children grow up to become, they will live happier, more productive lives if they are healthy--and physical fitness is vital to overall health. FitnessGram provides valid and reliable information about your child's level of fitness. The FitnessGram test (and report) includes a number of different assessments since health-related fitness has multiple components. Some children may score high on muscular strength but need to improve their aerobic capacity score. By having a complete report, you (and your child) will know more about their overall level fitness and how it can be improved.