• Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

    MVSD Lunch Program

    How do I order lunches for my child?

    You can order lunch through ChoiceLunch's website. You will need to setup an account. Once logged in, you may add students to your account, preload funds and begin placing your orders. There are several online links to guide you through the process.


    What are my milk choices?

    Milk will be served with each lunch (choice of plain or chocolate). To receive soy milk, federal regulations require that parents/guardians fill out the MILK SUBSTITUTE FORM which states that your child has a medical or other special dietary need in order for us to serve your child soy milk. The form should be returned to the MVSD offices at 411 Sycamore Ave. Questions? Please call 415-389-7751 or send an email to services@mvschools.org.


    How do I pay?

    You will need to pre-load your account with funds. For every meal scheduled into the calendar, funds decrease. You can choose to auto-reload, but it is not required. You can load the exact amount needed to schedule one lunch or multiple lunches.  Place meal orders day by day on the website calendar, or on our smartphone app. 


    What if I am eligible for Free and Reduced Meals?

    If you have an approved application on file, you will be able to order the same delicious lunches.


    Last year, my child received free lunch without having to qualify or fill out paperwork. I’ve heard some districts are continuing to offer this. Is MVSD?

    Our district’s percentage of students in this category does not automatically qualify all students this year. Any person who has been directly certified, need not apply. Any person who has questions about the free and reduced lunch options may confidently speak with district staff to sign up. Please contact: Monica Wallace at 415-389-7751 or mwallace@mvschools.org.​​


    When does AB 130 (Assembly Bill 130, Universal Meals) school free breakfast and lunches begin?

    The AB 130 Program which is part of the National School Lunch Program supported by State and Federal funds is scheduled to commence with the 2022-23 school year.


    Why is there so much packaging for ChoiceLunch?

    For COVID safety purposes, all food is prepackaged. We saw an increase in the amount of lunches taken last year but not eaten, therefore creating substantially more waste.


    Will free and reduced lunches be available for the 2021-22 school year?

    Free and reduced lunches are available for those who apply and/or qualify. 

    Please see 2021-22 eligibility application. Students or families may order directly from ChoiceLunch.


    Will lunches and snacks happen outside?

    Yes. Please ensure your child is prepared for inclement weather. Principals will share lunch plans for their individual sites.


    What will happen on rainy/poor air quality days for lunch?

    Principals will share rainy/poor air quality day plans


    Will teachers eat lunch with their classes or will there be lunch aides?

    eachers receive a duty-free lunch. Yard supervision staff will monitor lunchtime.


    If you have any questions concerning our lunch programs please contact the Mill Valley School District, 415-389-7753.