• Supporting the Victims of the North Bay Wild Fires

    Starwberry Point, in partnership with Copita Tequileria y Comida, raised funds to help the victims of the Napa and Sonoma wild fires. More than 250 people came to the fundraising event, including twelve fire fighters and three fire trucks! A portion of the money raised went to help replace a playground at Anova School in Santa Rosa. The rest of the funds will go to support other Napa and Sonoma victims.



  • Learning about kindness in Ms Poletti’s fourth grade class:

    I used to think...

    Now I think...

  • Kind Leader

    Kyla has a very strong sense of the world around her.  She is the first to be aware of what’s going on in our community, our country, our world. She suggested the $1 per student fundraiserStudent after the Houston Hurricane and made it happen!  She visited every class, put up flyers, and made a donation jar. Students brought in one dollar bills and in one day, Old Mill school raised over $600!

  • Lending a Hand

    We want to thank two of our amazing staff for being kinder than necessary this past week. Monica Tasso, Administrative Assistant at Strawberry Point, Monica went above and beyond to provide extra support to Kimberly Russell, first grade teacher, who demonstrated her gratitude by bringing Monica flowers this week.
    We are lucky to have such thoughtful individuals amongst our staff.
  • Spreading KindnessPumpkins

    A group of anonymous students went around Strawberry Point's campus placing "Kinder Than Necessary Pumpkin Helpers" in every classroom (see picture). These little helpers were accompanied by letters addressed to teachers and students promoting empathy, kindness and good behavior.
    We are excited to see how our empathy-building theme has been embraced by students and staff.
    Thank you, Secret Kindness Agents!
  • Being Kind to Our Environment

    TV Students

    These five Tam Valley students have taken it upon themselves, without being asked, to pick up litter around the school, during their recesses, to keep it a beautiful, clean place to learn. They started out using small, plastic newspaper bags that Ms. Croy got for them, but now they seek out Carlos, the custodian, for bigger bags. They do it quite a bit (sometimes every day). And every day they take quite a haul…

    They sure are happy to keep TV looking good! 


  • Going the Extra Mile

    Early last week, we received a call from a parent whose daughter accidentally got on the bus to MVMS. The parent was very impressed by how the bus driver went the extra mile and worked with the school staff to reunite the student with the parent at MVMS. The parent also shared with us that her kids love taking the bus and feel very well cared for and safe with the driver.

    Thank you for being kinder than necessary, Monkisha!