• Books for Teachers

    Classroom Strategies and Lessons

    Reimers, Fernando, et al.  Empowering Students to Improve the World in Sixty Lessons.  Create Space Independent Publishing Platform-Creative Commons Attribution, 2017.

    Short, Kathy G., editor, et al. Teaching Globally: Reading the World Through Literature. Stenhouse Publishers, 2016.


    Pedagogy Focus with Applications for Classroom and Case Studies

    Hess, Diana E. Controversy in the Classroom:  The Democratic Power of Discussion.  Routledge, 2009.

    Klein, Jennifer D. The Global Education Guidebook: Humanizing K-12 Classrooms Worldwide Through Equitable Partnerships. Solution Tree Press, 2017.

    Goleman, Daniel, B., et al. Eco Literate: How Educators Are Cultivating Emotional, Social, and Ecological Intelligence.  Jossey Bass, 2012.


    Theory and Research

    Reimers, Fernando M. and Connie K. Chung. Teaching and Learning for the Twenty-First Century: Educational Goals, Policies, and Curricula from Six Nations.  Harvard Education Press, 2016.

    Westheimer, Joel. What Kind of Citizen?  Educating Our Children for the Common Good. Teachers College Press, 2015.


Books for Teachers

  • Epowering Students to Improve

    Teaching globally

    Eco Literate

    Global Education Guidebook