• Supply List

    * Thursday & Friday:  student schedule and sharpened pencil

    * Next Week:  2 pencils, 1 erasers, notebook, 2 correcting pens (no sharpies or marker) ... more information to come




    Math 6 Supply List 2018-2019 Handout

                              Ms. Filipof


    The following materials are required in class every day:


    • A 1” binder to be used only for Math 6.
    • Five dividers for your binder. You may choose to create more than the minimum of the five required sections, which are . . .
      • Notes / KIN (Know-it-Notebook)
      • Class Work
      • Corrected HW Packets (for current chapter we’re working on)
      • Assessments & Group Practice Assessments
      • Miscellaneous
    • At least two pencils in class. (All daily math work is done in pencil.)
    • One glue stick (regular size is fine).
    • Two colored ballpoint pens (for correcting work … no high-vis colors please).
    • Supply pouch (Optionalbut helpful to contain the supplies).

    We have plenty of other supplies in class when they are needed: lined paper, colored pencils and markers, rulers, calculators, sharpeners, erasers, etc.  However, some students like to have their own.  That’s up to you – I always try to encourage having a light backpack, if possible.



    Having supplies at home for Math 6 is a good thing.  Besides what you’ll have in your backpack, here are the more important ones.  These supplies are optional but might be helpful to have a home.


    • A calculator. Most calculators work fine for Math 6until we start doing problems involving order of operations, at which point a scientific calculator is best.  We use the solar powered TI 30Xa in class, and it will serve you well throughout middle school.  Online and phone calculators are often just as good.
    • Colored pencils and markers.
    • Ruler with both metric measures (cm and mm) and inches (sixteenths).


    Please know that we do have allsupplies in class for anyone who needs.  If you are experiencing financial hardship and need help with obtaining supplies for your child, please feel free to email me at mfilipof@mvschools.organd I will help supply your child with necessary school supplies.


    Binders and supplies are due no later than Tuesday, August 28.  Feel free to bring sooner!