• Supply List: Ms. Roen


    Buying supplies should not be stressful. If you can’t find the exact item in the store, don’t worry about it. The items listed below are all recommended supplies for language arts and social studies class. Keep in mind that supplies you stock now might need to be replenished or replaced throughout the year. It is helpful to have supplies as soon as you can.


    Students will need to print documents. The printers at school are not always available. It is helpful to stock printer cartridges at home so you can print when needed.


    • Wide ruled binder paper
    • Two pocket folders
    • One set of colored pencils
    • One pencil pouch to keep all your writing tools in the same spot
    • One hand held pencil sharpener – no electric/battery operated ones allowed.
    • One large glue stick (not liquid glue sticks)
    • Pencils (3-6 packages for the year)
    • Pencil cap or hand held erasers
    • One fine tip black sharpie
    • One extra fine tip sharpie
    • Bring a book to read to all classes… everyday!!



    First week homework:


    Bring a recent photograph you are willing to have on our class wall. Due Monday




Last Modified on August 22, 2018