• December Performance Song Order and Cheat Sheet


    1.  Old Joe Clark:   4 times


    Violin/Viola Intro     All     Michael      Ian     Guitars     All    Lori Ending

                                     A/B        A            B       A/B         A/B



    2.  Cripple Creek:   4 times


    All     Guitars   Add  Michael     Ian     Add Violins     All  Lori Ending

    A/B     A/B          B                   A        B                 A/B



    3.  Soldier's Joy:  3 times


    All     Michael     Violins     Violas     All

    A/B      A             B            A           B



    4.  Greensleeves:  3 times


    All     Guitars     Michael     Viola/Violin  (Ben and Ian) Duet     All

    A/B       A             B                       A                                     B



    5.  Jingle Bells:   3 times


    jingle Bells  (Finlay)    All     Alexander (viola)     Ruby/ Benjamin (violin duet)     All

       8 beats                   A/B           A                             B                                   A/B

                                                   *add Finlay jingle bells---------------------------


    6.  Grandfather's Clock:  3 times speed up each time


       Lori   All  Bass/Cello Add Johnny Guitar  All  Bass/Cello  All  Bass/Cello  A section 1 time   Lori Ending

    chime          A/B            B                              A/B                  A/B                  




    7.  Dueling Banjos:  2 times


    Lori  and Guitar Dueling    All        Lori and entire ensemble     All   Lori ending

                A                            B                      A                          B