• Welcome to the 2019-20 school year and Math 8 Academic Workshop!










    This class meets four times weekly during Period 6.


    The goals of Math 8 Academic Workshop course include:


    • Improving math skills
    • Applying math and problem solving
    • Supporting the primary Math 8 class
    • Building enthusiasm
    • Assignment Completion


    This class is a combination of lessons, online learning activities, and assignment support. Aside from classwork activities, no additional homework will be given in this class.  Math workshop is capped for a smaller class size where individual attention can be given. There are often students on a waiting list hoping for a Workshop opening to become available.  Expectations are high and students will be evaluated on their ability to:


    • Come to class prepared with math binder, calculator, materials, and homework
    • Complete warm-up problems and make progress toward daily goals
    • Ask questions and get help on problems or concepts
    • Complete weekly online lessons (dreambox app or other)
    • Participate, cooperate, and take educational risks
    • Complete primary Math 8 assignments in class when time is allotted


    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.  


    I’m looking forward to a great year.  Math Workshop First Day Letter


    My best, Lorenz Marti