• Transitions: Words or phrases that connect or tie ideas together.


    Transition Ideas to Use in Your History Day Papers

    As a rule, begin each paragraph with a sentence that suggests the topic and makes

    a transition to the new paragraph. When a paragraph is part of an essay,

    its relation to what precedes it, or its function as a part of the whole, needs to be expressed.


    Strategies to connect one paragraph to another:


    1. Use a word in the first sentence of a paragraph that was used in the last sentence of a paragraph that preceded it:


    Galileo is often called the Father of Modern Science because he made advances in physics, mathematics, astronomy and philosophy.


              Of all the fields that Galileo excelled in, astronomy is the area where he made the most revolutionary changes.


    2. Use related words:


    Christine de Pisan, born in 1365 in Venice, wrote many literary masterpieces.


              Pisan wrote essays, poems, biographies, and histories.


    3. NOTE: This strategy is better for making transitions when speaking:

    End a paragraph with a question and answer it in the beginning of the following paragraph.


    But why am I telling you about my days in Florence?


                      Florence was where I first met the richest man in all of Europe, Lorenzo de Medici.


    4. Use contrast words to indicate a shift to a new idea: despite, in contrast, on the other hand, even though, although, however


    Ex:           Although I was sad to leave my family and friends in Venice, I knew my fate lay at the hands of Cosimo de Medici who ruled his empire from Florence.


    5.To add information: Use words such as: another, additionally, as well etc.


    Ex: Another achievement of mine was the invention of the telescope, which many thought far surpassed any of my previous accomplishments.


    6. Talk about several ideas or items in one paragraph and then begin the next paragraph talking about just one.


    Ex: There were several musicians who influenced me during the baroque period: Scarlatti, Handel, Vivaldi and Bach.


                      Of all the baroque composers, Johann Sebastian Bach was the one who helped determine my musical fate.



    7. Use chronological words such as: five years later, by the turn of the century, after three months


    Ex: For the next thirty years, Elizabeth I ruled England single-handedly.