• DAILY SKETCH CHALLENGES!  ( optional FUN! (not an assignment!))

    In our first 8 weeks away from the art room, we went through rearranging all 20 suggestions from each of the 3 sketch challenge boxes two times! Rather than rearrange the same suggestions for a third time, we are now enjoying some COMPLETELY new challenges ...HERE'S the final sketch challenge of the 2019 - 2020 school year!

    Sketch Challenge #58 for TODAY, Thursday, June 11, is to draw a picture of:


    Previous Sketch Challenges:

    Sketch Challenge #57 for Wednesday, 6.10.2020, was:AN ART TEACHER . WAVING A FRIENDLY "SO LONG" TO . MANY FABULOUS ART STUDENTS

    Sketch Challenge #56 for Tuesday, 6.9.2020, was:THREE MELTING POPSICLES . GALLOPING AROUND . A CAMPFIRE 

    Sketch Challenge #55 for Monday, 6.8.2020 was: THE NEIGHBOR'S DOG . GREETING . A PAIR OF BUTTERFLIES

    WEEK 11:

    Sketch Challenge #54 for Friday, 6.5.2020, was:A BOWL OF CHEERIOS . PLAYING TIC-TAC-TOE WITH . AN ACTIVE VOLCANO

    Sketch Challenge #53 for Thursday, 6.4.2020, was:THREE FUZZY BUNNIES . HIDING IN . A LARGE PICNIC BASKET

    Sketch Challenge #52 for Wednesday, 6.3.2020, was: A NERVOUS MOSQUITO. SQUAREDANCING WITH . SEVEN GOLD FISH

    Sketch Challenge #51 for Tuesday, 6.2.2020, was:TWO PAPER AIRPLANES . CAMPING NEAR . A TREEHOUSE

    Sketch Challenge #50 for Monday, 6.1.2020, was: A TRIO OF FLAMINGOS . SHUSHING . A YELLOW SCHOOL BUS

    WEEK 10:

    Sketch Challenge #49 for Friday, 5.29.2020, was: AN ELECTRIC GUITAR . WRITING A POSTCARD TO . A BAR OF SOAP

    Sketch Challenge #48 for Thursday, 5.28.2020, was:A GIANT BEACH BALL . SWEEPING UP . A LOT OF JELLBYEANS

    Sketch Challenge #47 for Wednesday, 5.27.2020, was: TWO TRASH CANS . SHOUTING INSTRUCTIONS TO . THE SETTING SUN

    Sketch Challenge #46 for Tuesday, 5.26.2020, was:A LONG LOAF OF BREAD . PLAYING TETHERBALL WITH . A SCIENTIST

    WEEK 9:

    Sketch Challenge #45 for Friday, 5.26.2020, was: A DRIPPING-WET PUPPY . SOMERSAULTING OVER . 7 PAPERBACK BOOKS

    Sketch Challenge #44 for Thursday, 5.21.2020, was: THREE BAGS OF M + M's . SITTING ON A TRAIN WITH . A NAPPING RATTLESNAKE

    Sketch Challenge #43 for Wednesday, 5.20.2020, was: A DANCING CHICKEN . BAKING COOKIES WITH . A BOTTLE OF KETCHUP

    Sketch Challenge #42 for Tuesday, 5.19.2020, was:TWO SOCK PUPPETS . STARING INTO THE EYES OF . A SMILING CAMEL

    Sketch Challenge #41 for Monday, 5.18.2020, was: A PYGMY HIPPO . SINGING A LULLABY TO . A BIG, BIG PILLOW

    WEEK 8:

    Sketch Challenge #40(!) for Friday, 5.15.2020, was: A HUGE LUNCHBOX . LEARNING TO SKATEBOARD WITH . A BOUQUET OF CALIFORNIA POPPIES

    Sketch Challenge #39 for Thursday, 5.14.2020,was: A  HEDGEHOG'S LITTLE BROTHER . PUTTING SUNSCREEN ON . TWO BENDY STRAWS

    Sketch Challenge #38 for Wednesday, 5.13.2020, was: A SKINNY ROCKSTAR . BEING TAUGHT TO DRIVE BY . A PAIR OF MIS-MATCHED SOX

    Sketch Challenge #37 for Tuesday, 5.12.2020, was: A SCARF-WEARING TURTLE . GIVING A PIGGYBACK RIDE TO . A UNICYCLE

    Sketch Challenge #36 for Monday, 5.11.2020,was: THREE POLKA-DOTTED FISH . DOING HOMEWORK WITH . A HEAPING PLATE OF SPAGHETTI 

    (Sketch challenges #1 through #35, WEEKS 1, 2, 3, 4 , 5, 6,and 7,  March 16 - May 8, can be found by choosing "(older sketch challenges)" from the left hand menu.)

    Origin of the Sketch Challenges:

    Sometimes I find that an elementary school artist is 'just done' with a project.  The artist has reflected on the work they have produced and has concluded that they truly 'like it the way it is'.  If there is still a small amount of time in the art period, one way an artist is kept thinking artistically is to have that artist take on a Sketch Challenge.

    box 1   box 2   box 3

    In the art rooms of both Tam Valley and Old Mill Schools are 3 boxes. 
    Box 1 has 20 suggestions for a noun ( 'something').
    Box 2 has 20 suggestions for an action that the 'something' from Box 1 might be taking or doing to/with/or for one of the 20 'something elses' (other nouns) that are in Box 3.

    When the choices from each box are combined and read in order, a suggestion for a Sketch Challenge is revealed. The challenge requires that you envision the scene described and then make a drawing of the scene...

    I have brought the Tam Valley version of these boxes home with me and have been/will be picking one choice from each box every morning of every school day for 40 days and combining them to create a sketch challenge SUGGESTION (not an assignment). These are the challenges I am posting here for you or for any artist in our Mill Valley School community who would like to create a drawing that illustrates the prompt.

    I hope you might find these sketch challenges fun to do, either as a solo artist activity or as an activity shared with others in your household. Perhaps, if you would like an audience for your original work when we are together at our schools once again, you could bring me your work and a display could be created.

    If you would like to make your own set of SKETCH CHALLENGES for the summer, directions are posted under "Other fun art activities" from the side menu. Have fun drawing this summer!

    Sheila Campbell
    Art Teacher OM + TV