• It's Summer 2020 and we are all still mostly just hanging out at home!

    Though most of us aren't world travelers at the moment, we can do some virtual globe hopping by checking out some of the fabulous images from the 'iPhone Photography Awards' here: https://www.ippawards.com

    (and maybe be inspired to do a little photography ourselves...)


    And maybe you'd like to also do a little virtual global museum hopping. 


    Listed below are 12 websites for Art Museums and Art Galleries that you might like to visit.

    These Museums and Galleries are located all over the world - so pull out your world map or place your globe on your desk top (your real desk top - the piece of furniture that is your desk) and go on a big explore.

    Exploring the websites might require some patient, focused clicking on menu items. I have found that the words "COLLECTIONS" and "EXHIBITIONS" are often a pathway to the best images of artworks.

    (I thought it was cool to keep the sites in the original language, letting the work speak for itself if it was not a language I am familiar with, but occasionally, I requested a translation to English to facilitate my navigation of the site.) 


    Here are the Museums and Galleries:

    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
    Inuit Gallery of Vancouver: https://inuit.com
    Pasadena, California, USA
    Norton Simon Museum: https://www.nortonsimon.org
    Mexico City, Mexico: 
    Museo de Arte Moderno:https://mam.inba.gob.mx

    Bueno Aires, Argentina: 
    Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes: https://www.bellasartes.gob.ar/en/exhibitions/
    Bogota, Colombia:
    Museo de Arte Moderna de Bogota: https://www.mambogota.com/exposiciones/


    London, England, UK

    Tate Modern https://www.tate.org.uk/art/create-artist
    St. Petersburg, Russia
    The State Hermitage Museum:Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg

    Tokyo, Japan
    The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo: https://www.momat.go.jp/english/am/exhibition/
    New Delhi, India
    National Museum of Art: http://www.nationalmuseumindia.gov.in

    Luxor, Egypt
    Nun Art Gallery: http://www.nun-art-gallery.com/exhibitions-200201-opening-artworks.html
    Cape Town, South Africa
    Iziko South African National Gallery: http://iziko.org.za/iziko-collections

    Sydney, Australia
    The Museum of Contemporary Art Australia: https://www.mca.com.au

    ANTARTICA - (some permanent structures - but no art galleries or art museums at this time!)

    People all over the world communicate in so many ways. In the creating and sharing of art we art-makers let others get to know a bit about us. And in the viewing of art made by others, we get to learn a little bit about them.

    Through art, we can learn about those whose lives might be quite different from our own. We are given a window into many cultures. We can see what life in a different country, or on another continent, might be like. Though the links above are to Museums and Galleries located all over the globe, you will notice that, often, an art collection might showcase art that has deep roots in local traditons as well as contain works from artists working everywhere, in many countries, on many continents. The sharing of art has created a large, strong network of communication around the world.

    By looking at the art produced and shared, we might also conclude that we share many commonalities. We can see the same subject represented in works from around the world. Sometimes we can see that similar techniques are used by many artists from very different cultures. Because of our present world health situation, you will notice that most of these museums and galleries are currently closed. Around the world we are all united in our efforts to be 'virus stoppers'.

    I hope you enjoy seeing the many works in these different collections. Perhaps some of the work you see will inspire you in your own art-making.

    We are always teaching each other. We are always learning from each other.