• I am not always a fan of 'directed draw' art lessons but, sometimes, you might find that a great way to get yourself through a trouble spot in your own work is to see how some other artist might approach and solve a similar drawing 'problem'.

    Here are 2 videos and 1 step-by-step activity for drawing projects that you might enjoy.


    VIDEO #1

    Mo Willems, the author/illustrator of Knuffle Bunny and other books, has been providing a daily video of himself doodling in his studio.  I found it interesting to see his studio (I would LOVE to have so many flat files for storage of artwork!), and to see how he uses sketch books, and to see that he often puts the date of the day he made a drawing on the artwork.

    I suggest starting with the very first video of "Lunchtime Doodles with Mo Willems" and, if you enjoy it, maybe watch some others and draw along.



    VIDEO #2

    During the last art day with Tam Valley Third Graders before our surprise break,  we all went outside and drew the 'Big Willow' from observation.  It was a beautiful day and, while enjoying the sunshine and working en plein air, we also realized that drawing a tree is quite complicated.  Below is an interesting 'follow along' lesson in tree drawing.  Perhaps you follow along once - and then go back outside again and find a wonderful tree to draw.

    One way to draw a tree:




    This step-by-step- instruction for drawing sharks makes that important point that, often, complicated objects are just made up of a combination of simple shapes - like the teddybear drawing challenge that kindergartners took on this year at Tam Valley. 

     How to draw a shark: