• MVSD Remote Learning FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


    Thank you for all your support during this quick transition to remote learning. We are working to communicate with you in a timely manner. We are certain many of you have important questions. Please use this form to ask any question you would like. We will continue to update this page with additional questions. 


    Please see the message from Dr. Berman below, followed by the FAQ.


A Message from Dr. Berman

  • A Message from Dr. Berman

General Closure Information

  • How long will the Mill Valley School District be in remote learning status?

  • How was the decision made to close the schools? Was the hardship on families taken into consideration?

  • I have received a lot of messages about the decision to close schools, but not as many about the plan to ensure consistency of instruction for students? Is it a priority?

  • What was the shift in learning that happened following Spring Break? Why did it happen at that time?

  • Are students covering the same amount of content during remote learning as they would have in person? Will any schedule changes be required to “make up” work, e.g. summer school, repeating grades?

  • What can I do to reduce the number of notifications I am receiving from ParentSquare? Sometimes the notifications arrive at inconvenient times.

  • Have the LCAP requirements changed?

  • What is the plan for 5th and 8th Grade graduations?

  • How does my child access lunch?

  • Are staff being paid during the school closure?

  • Can children play on school playgrounds during the Shelter-in-Home?

  • Will there be any opportunities for parents to ask questions?

Remote Learning - General

  • The regular school day is seven hours. Why does remote learning instruction take only a portion of that time?

  • Do teachers have district-wide guidelines to follow for curriculum and learning formats (e.g. Zoom)? Why is there variation in learning being provided within the same grade, within the same school, and across schools in the district?

  • Is the state creating new requirements for learning goals or curriculum during this remote learning period? What are the basic skills required at my child’s grade level?

  • What are the district guidelines relating to the use of Zoom or other live conferencing apps? Why are live Zoom sessions not being used more extensively?

  • I am concerned about the amount of work my student is receiving. Is all of the work required?

  • Why are Mill Valley public schools providing different delivery of instruction than private schools or other public schools in the area? I heard some schools are only providing learning four days per week, or providing learning in different formats or frequencies?

  • Will students’ remote learning work for the remainder of the year be graded?

  • Do the teachers work the same hours during remote learning as they do on a regular school day?

  • Are the instructional aides still assisting teachers during the remote learning period?

  • To help teachers balance their work and home responsibilities, can we leverage teacher leaders across all five district elementary schools to help each other with lesson planning and platform training? What is the distance learning experience like for teachers?

  • I understand that there is an agreement with the teachers' union that relates to this remote learning period. How can I learn more about that?

  • Are you thinking about how students’ are experiencing remote learning, and about the increased stress on students and families due to the virus and learning changes? Are there wellness resources available to students if they have anxiety or other concerns?

  • It is challenging for me to manage my student's remote learning plan. Can I just find out what the standards are and teach my student myself?

  • Does the District want feedback from students and families on their remote learning experiences?

Remote Learning - Classroom Procedures

  • What is the schedule and structure for classroom activities, including Zoom, classwork and lesson plans, and when can families expect to receive this information? Will teachers be videoconferencing with students, meeting 1:1 or in small groups, or holding office hours for student or parent questions?

  • How do we turn in assignments?

  • Can I participate/observe/sit in on my student’s class? If I do observe classroom time, can I share that information outside of my household?

  • How should I be providing support to my child during remote learning?

  • Can I record class sessions?

  • Does my child have to be on video?

  • What are the class rules for virtual learning?

  • How can parents share their child’s progress on digital learning platforms like Khan Academy with their teacher? What type of support and guidance will be available to parents as they support their students’ learning at home?

  • I have suggestions and requests for my teacher, e.g. homework turnaround times, schedule difficulties, concerns about student learning. How should I have these addressed?


  • What should my family do if we do not have a device for our child to use for assignments?

  • What do we do if I don’t have Wifi?

  • My child’s school iPad is having issues. What do I do?

  • I can’t print. How do I help my child complete work?

  • Where is the Parent Portal for Middle Schoolers?

  • I have suggestions about how students use Zoom or other platforms (e.g. should have ability to do more, should not have the ability to chat). Where should I send those suggestions?

  • Can you provide parent tutorials on technology (e.g. Google Classroom or Zoom)?

Special Education

  • How does my child get support for their IEP?

  • What is happening with my child’s IEP?

Virus Information

  • If a student or staff member tests positive, will we know? Are you aware of any coronavirus cases from our classrooms in Mill Valley School District?

  • What are the staff obligations to be disaster service workers? May I volunteer as a disaster service worker?