• Materials Distribution

    As students will need to gather classroom materials for distance learning, and in order to do this safely (physically distance, minimizing people on campus, etc.), we have created “Classroom Materials Distribution” days on Wednesday, August 26, through Friday, August 28th.  Each grade level will be assigned a specific day: 6th Grade on Wednesday (8/26), 7th Grade on Thursday (8/27), and 8th Grade on Friday (8/28). For the grade levels not on campus, they will have two Panter Time sessions to attend, in addition to completing any asynchronous activities assigned by classrooms teachers. On the assigned day (by grade level, see above), students have been issued a time slot. Each grade level is organized by alphabetical order, and last names have been assigned a 30 minute window to come to campus and gather the necessary materials, in addition to taking their school photo. This is to minimize the amount of students/parents on campus at once. Please review the procedures below, in addition to making note of your child’s time slot, and report to campus during the assigned time. All students (and parents) are to access teachers' exterior classroom doors. We will have staff on hand to assist students and parents.



    6th Grade Classroom Materials Distribution Procedures

    7th Grade Classroom Materials Distribution Procedures

    8th Grade Classroom Materials Distribution Procedures