• Return to In-Person Instruction


    return to in person instruction  


    Return to In-Person Instruction

    Currently, the Mill Valley School District will continue in Distance Learning through November 20th, with a Return to In-Person Instruction planned for November 30, 2020. Families may opt for Extended Distance Learning (EDL) for the remainder of the school year if they do not wish for their child to return in-person. You can learn more on our Extended Distance Learning program page.

     To learn about District-wide health and safety guidelines for students and families, you may read the Mill Valley School District COVID-19 Health and Safety Handbook.


    A detailed survey will be provided to families on Friday, October 16th. Staff have been engaging in working groups and further developing plans for reopening our school buildings. Additionally, more than the required safety measures have been put in place in our school buildings. You can learn more by visiting our Safety Protocols page.

    The District and the Mill Valley Teachers Association (MVTA) developed and signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) prioritizing safety for staff and students aligned with the CA State guidelines. The District and MVTA agreed upon an AM/PM cohort model to ensure that all students have contact with their teacher and classmates daily. To learn more about the planning and timeline regarding district return to in-person instruction, please visit our FAQ page.  


    Below are some factors currently at play related to delaying the return to in-person instruction and planning for a return on November 30th. You may read this announcement from Dr. Berman for further details and background.

    • Start date was originally determined to be Oct. 5th. This was then moved to October 12th and now November 30th.
    • EDL numbers changed from 140-275 on final commitment form
    • Difficulty getting long-term substitutes to back-fill positions of teachers assigned to EDL and general enrollment is lower
    • Surveyed parents and now we have more questions

    October 12-November 30th

    • School Site Specific Protection Plans completed and approved/published by the Marin County Office of Education
    • Begun to bring back targeted students for in-person support district-wide
    • Detailed survey of families, K-5 and 6-8


    In-Person Instruction Details

    • Each school will provide specific information related to ingress and egress protocols, schedules, and more.
    • Students will be assigned either an AM or PM cohort for the remainder of the school year.
    • Each student will be in-person for 2.5 hours a day and will have additional specialist classes remotely from home (kindergarten will receive library and art virtually while in-person)

Decision Tree (Tiers 1 & 2)

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COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines Student and Family Headbook

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Mill Valley School District Protocols for COVID-19 in our Schools

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