• Discussion Questions for “War of the Wall”


    1. Why was the wall important to the people of the community?


    1. What clues tell us where and when the story took place?


    1. What did the painter lady do to anger the locals?


    1. Who did the painter lady paint on the wall?


    1. What was the community’s response to the painter lady’s mural? Why?


    1. What message is Toni Cade Bambara delivering about who is important in the community?


    1. Why did the author not identify who the painter lady was at the beginning of the story?


    1. What happened to you as a reader during this story? For example, how did your understanding of the story change as you read more?


    1. What lines, words or events in the story do you still have questions about?


    1. Who won the “war”?