• Overview

    The School Site Specific Protection Plan (SSSPP) is required for all schools in Marin County. The purpose of the plan is to ensure the health and safety of all staff and students while on campus. It was developed by the MVMS SSSPP Task Force, which consisted of certificated staff, classified staff, site administratrion, parent volunteer, and district staff. The plan outlines all the spefic procedures that will be implemeneted at the site upon a return to school. As we currently have staff working on campus, we are currenly following all procedures. We will continue to monitor, evaluation, review, and update the plan as needed, in collaboration with the MVMS SSSPP Task Force and staff on a regular basis. It has been reviewed and approved by the Marin County Office of Education and Marin County Department of Health and Human Serviace. Please see the attached plan.


    School Site Specific Protection Plan


    Best Practices 

    1. Always wear face coverings when around people
    2. Maintain a safe distance between others
    3. Wash hands frequently
    4. Avoid large gatherings