• Return to In-Person Instruction & Extended Distance Learning FAQs

    Below are questions that have been asked related to the Extended Distance Learning (EDL) program and Return to In-Person Instruction after the most recent Commitment Form was issued. 


    Additional information may be found on the 2020-21 School Year information page and in School Site Specific Protection Plans

Health, Covid-19, and Quarantines

  • When a cohort closes, what happens to the teacher's other cohort (AM/PM)? Does the non-affected cohort get a substitute teacher while the teacher quarantines?

  • Under what circumstances will schools be closed again?

  • What will happen if my child is symptomatic?

  • What happens if one of my children is symptomatic and the other is not?

  • How will my classroom or site be cleaned if there is a positive Covid case?

  • What is the protocol for other members of the class if a student or staff member contracts Covid?

  • What kind of testing requirements will there be?

  • What type of COVID-19 test is needed to return to school?

  • How will information be shared with parents in case of a positive test?

  • What will happen if my classroom is closed?

  • What will happen if my school is closed?

  • What are the criteria for closing a school?

  • If a school is closed for in-person learning, when may it reopen?

  • What are the criteria for closing a school district?

  • If a school district is closed, when may it reopen?

Physical Environment

  • What will we do during smokey days during COVID?

  • What is the minimum distancing required in the classroom?

  • What is the status of indoor air quality for our classrooms?

  • How are you cleaning between cohorts for in-person?

  • Where will EDL teachers teach from?


  • Why can't students just Zoom into the teacher's live class?

  • How will IEPs be done with EDL?

  • Will students still receive specialist classes?


  • Who will replace our current teacher if they become sick?

  • If a teacher chooses not to return to their class, how will their class be staffed?