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    California’s public schools are mandated by the Legislature to open for in-person activities to the greatest extent possible.  At Park School, we are committed to safely extending our current program to full-day in-person learning.  

    The health, safety and well-being of our students, staff, and community members is our main priority.  We have relied on science, school and community transmission data, mental health data, and stakeholder interests to guide our decision.

    Our School Site-Specific Protection Plan is based on guidance available at this time from many agencies, such as the Centers for Disease Control, the California Department of Public Health, the California Department of Education, and Marin County Public Health that support and promote emerging best practices. These best practices are based on alignment with local, state, and federal guidelines in coordination with the county’s Public Health Officer.  

    Our Guiding Principles

    1. To maximize student and employee safety
    2. To optimize student learning
    3. To support student well-being


    The successful implementation of our full-day in-person learning plan depends on the cooperation and support of our whole school community. By adhering to the safety precautions outlined in our plan, we are confident that together we can safely return to full classes and a longer instructional day at Strawberry Point.


    We have determined ways to ensure safety in our school which are explained in detail throughout this handbook.