• Health Screening


    We will continue to implement a daily health screening via ParentSquare. Families are required to complete the health screening each morning before their child(ren) enters the school campus. Screening will take place to prevent symptomatic individuals from entering the school campus. 

    Please do not send your child to school if they exhibit any of the following:

    • Fever greater than 100.4 degrees
    • Cough, shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing
    • Chills
    • Sore throat
    • Loss of smell and/or taste
    • Diarrhea


    • Have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days


    • Have participated in high-risk activity (mixing of households with more than 3 families) or participated in non-essential travel outside of the US or California


    • Symptomatic students and staff who report to school will be asked to return home. 
    • Staff will pay attention to signs and symptoms of COVID-19 in order to respond appropriately and efficiently if anyone develops symptoms during the school day. 
    • A symptomatic student will be kept under observation in the Isolation Room until collected by a parent or caregiver.
      • Students should be picked up within 30 minutes.  Emergency contacts will be called if we are unable to reach a parent after 5 minutes.
    • Office staff will tend to symptomatic students. 

    Daily Health Screening Forms

    Each day that your student attends school, you are required to submit a Health Screening form on Parent Square that contains the questions above prior to your student attending school.

    • The form will reset at 7 pm each evening prior to the school day and will remain available through the start of the afternoon cohort.
    • You will receive a daily reminder each morning at 7 am to fill out the screening form. 
    • Parents must submit the screening prior to their child’s arrival to campus 
    • Teachers will view the dashboard for their classroom to ensure students are screened and healthy to enter the classroom

    Here is a link to the Daily Health Screening Form for Park School: